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OLIGOSCAN – The Benefits

Oligoscan is a revolutionary scan that uses spectrophotometry to measure the optical density of the trace elements, minerals and heavy metals currently present in the tissues. Using Oligoscan enables you to quickly determine whether you have adequate amounts of essential minerals and trace elements to enable the smooth running of all parts of your metabolism, immune system etc. Oligoscan also identifies if there are toxic metals in your body.

Remember your genes contribute to your potential for ill health but in most cases these “unhealthy genes” are only turned on by adverse environmental factors which we can measure and influence.

The Oligoscan is a direct measure of the metals and minerals as they exist in the tissues in the blood of the palm of the hand. It is not dependent on what we can pull out with a chelating agent.

Oligoscan was recently approved for this use by the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association) in Australia.

How does Oligoscan compare with other tests?

Blood tests are inadequate for the measurement of toxic metals in the body because toxic metals move from the blood into the tissues where they exist in different amounts. With the exception of Iron, which lives and works in the blood, blood levels do not well reflect tissue levels.

Hair Mineral Analysis is a useful tool because it reflects what is moving from the blood into the tissues but it is not so indicative of what has built up in the tissues and is not moving out.

Urine testing is merely a reflection of the blood unless a chelating agent is given prior to the urine test which will attract metals and minerals from the tissues into the blood and then carry them out in the urine.


Karanga Health have access to a wide range of specialty Functional Medicine tests available, from hormonal analysis to specialized testing for the gut and thyroid. Whilst these tests can help us greatly to identify root cause issues contributing to your health concern, they are not a requirement if cost-prohibitive.

Wherever possible, we will utilize basic blood testing that is covered by the New Zealand health system.


Kinesiology uses a muscle to indicate whether electrical circuits are open or closed. It is a post-graduate chiropractic technique and has been adopted by Naturopaths and other health professionals as a simple way to get information from the body.


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