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longevity ozone sauna and OZONe INtravenous

A modern treatment for disease. Ozone is oxygen with 3 atoms of oxygen instead of 2. Karanga Health currently has ozone therapy available as a sauna (for good skin condition and overall detox), various forms of intravenous therapy and through rectal insufflation.

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bio-identical hormone supplementation

Estrogen, Progesterone and Testosterone are the sex hormones which are vulnerable in our modern world and sometimes need balancing to achieve good health, particularly as we get older. Young women are also particularly vulnerable. At Karanga we have many natural options to help support the adrenal system and improve overall wellness.

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intravenous vitamin C (IVC)

Many patients benefit from Intravenous Vitamin C as well as other
intravenous nutrients.
It is particularly useful for treating infection and for improving
quality of life and longevity for those diagnosed with Cancer.

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heavy metal chelation

Heavy metals can be removed by a process of chelation. Chelating agents are proteins that have been manufactured to contain sulphur arranged in such a way that it attracts heavy metals from the tissues then traps them and carries them out of the body mostly in the urine.

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All Karanga staff have advanced training in nutrition and are familiar with different diet plans including ketogenic, low FODMAP, Auto-Immune, Paleo and others. We will help you to stay on track with your goals