Oligoscan is a revolutionary scan that uses spectrophotometry to evaluate total body burden of heavy metals. In contrast to other tests that use provoking agents to test in the urine, stool or hair, this test does not require provocation and can be done in-office with instantaneous results

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fatty acid balance testing

Karanga Health currently offer a revolutionary fatty acid balance test that is interpreted through Kennedy Krieger Institute. This test provides a window into issues that are affecting healthy cellular membrane synthesis and is ideal for those suffering from any neurological disorder such as seizures; dementia; developmental delay or even mild memory loss.


stool analysis, food sensitivity & hormones

Karanga Health have a wide range of tests available, to analyse the microbiome and test for food sensitivities. These tests are ideal for anyone suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome; auto-immune problems or skin conditions like Eczema. Additionally, salivary testing is available for the most accurate (tissue) levels of hormone. We also offer comprehensive testing for thyroid including reverse T3.