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Our goal is to provide personalised health care using the methods that we agree are appropriate for you. We can assess you using functional medicine tests and kinesiology as well as the usual medical tests. We aim to have you feeling well because you are healthier.

In particular we assess nutrition and toxicity. We identify allergies and emotional sabotages that need to be addressed. We acknowledge the importance of hormonal health and use bio-identical hormones to provide balance. Detoxification is assisted. 

Treatment Services include intravenous Ozone and Prolozone.

Prolozone is the injection of ozone into a joint or soft tissue structure for relief of pain and inflammation.  

About Us and Our Story


Tessa graduated from Otago medical school in 1974 and while she was grateful for this training she thought there was too strong an emphasis on the use of pharmaceuticals and surgery as a first line approach to health care. She began a journey into Integrative Medicine: an approach which does not exclude orthodox medicine but offers a broader perspective which is always based in science. Early study included reading the books of Adele Davis, a popular nutritionist of the time. Dr Tessa considered that what we eat was a good place to begin learning about holistic health and she spent time living and studying on an organic farm in Kaikoura.

With a young family Tessa became interested in natural childbirth and was part of the early home birth movement in New Zealand. She also took a particular interest in women’s health and was a founder of the first women’s health center in Ponsonby Rd, Auckland. Dr Jones was concerned to be safe in her obstetric practice and felt the need for further hospital experience so went to Wellington Hospital to do a diploma. She enjoyed being part of the hospital team and learning useful skills which led her to start training to be a surgeon in this area and she worked at Wellington Women’s Hospital as a Registrar in Obstetrics and Gynecology.  In 1988 she began practicing obstetrics as a GP in Newtown, Wellington.

General Practice broadened Tessa’s experience and with her desire to help even the most complicated patients and her keenness to learn she traveled internationally to conferences from which she brought back the knowledge and equipment she considered most likely to help her patients as safely and as effectively as possible.

Now with 45 years of experience, study and training, as well as memberships with various organizations Dr Tessa Jones is an extremely well qualified practitioner. She has 3 postgraduate fellowships, the first one being in general practice. The second is with the Australasian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine for whom she has lectured with respect to the use of hormones in holistic health care. The third fellowship is with the American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine, a group of doctors dedicated to the application of science to the early detection, prevention and treatment of age related illness. Dr Jones has served on the Professional Standards Committee of the Australasian Academy of Anti-aging Medicine and as an examiner for this organization.

From early 1990’s to early 2020 Tessa’s practice was based in Wellingston wehre Karanga Health Centre serviced a large number of people with mulitple holistic procedures. 

She now works in Nelson where she offers consulations in person, by phone and online (Zoom).

Tessa is a keen proponent of ozone treatments which she administrers at her practice.

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