Where do we start…                      

Holistically thinking there are nutritional, emotional, environmental, spiritual, economic and social issues that impact on our health. Whatever the diagnosis or particular disease may be, supporting healthy function can lower the impact of the disease process and even effect a “cure”.

When thinking about the physiological functioning of the body we start with the basics: history – physical examination and test.

These give us a clue about where to start: hormonal treatments, nutrients, detoxification, emotional issues, allergies.

Commonly we hear about cleaning the liver but before attending to the liver we must address kidney health because it is the kidneys that release the toxins from the body. The liver is a system that uses nutrients to convert toxic substances into less harmful ones that can safely be excreted by the kidneys. If the kidneys are not functioning well, the wastes from the liver will go round and round the body putting stress on the other organs of elimination: skin, bowels, lungs.

Heavy metals such as mercury and lead are probably the most offensive toxins to the kidneys and accumulate there, impacting on function. It is important to remove or at least lessen the accumulated kidney burden of heavy metals.


1. Water

Adequate amounts of clean water. Water filters and ionisers can be purchased for this purpose.

2. Chelation

Chelating agents are proteins with a high sulphur content which is arranged in such a way that it traps heavy metals within the structure of the protein. The heavy metals are attracted to the sulphur and stay there instead of floating off again as they would if the sulphur was not part of the chelating protein. The chelating proteins pass into and out of the body unchanged over a day or so except that they leave carrying the heavy metals with them. They are thus very useful but need to be administered with care.

3. Sauna

Far infrared saunas can remove large numbers of toxins through the skin in the sweat; so much so that the sweat can be seen to change colour. At Karanga we have a 2 person sauna that can be used by patients and have organized a system for hirage of portable saunas.

5. Homeopathy, herbs and nutrients

The need for these can be assessed on an individual basis using kinesiology

6. Orthodox investigation and procedures.

Blood and urine tests assess kidney function and sometimes structural investigations such as an ultrasound may be required. Referral to a renal specialist will be advised if indicated by these tests.


We become deficient in important nutrients if the gut is not breaking down and absorbing our food. Also, when the food remains in the gut undigested, it ferments, putrifies and goes rancid. This process is acid forming and results in acid wastes entering the blood stream.

The enzyme systems in the body which drive all the chemical reactions have an ideal pH. When the body is even slightly acidic the enzyme activity is suboptimal and you notice less energy.

Oxygen is released from the red blood cells according to the pH. When there is acidity there is less oxygen released to the cells and much less energy is produced in a low oxygen environment.


Chew your food well. Once food is swallowed there are no teeth below the mouth for breaking down clumps of food. The saliva in your mouth mixes with the food and contains enzymes to start healthy digestion. More chewing = more saliva. The food should be liquid and not lumpy by the time it is swallowed.

The stomach should secrete hydrochloric acid but stress, toxicity, infection etc can interfere with this and render the whole digestive process inadequate. It is ironic that acid is needed in the stomach to stop the rest of the body being acidic because of poor digestion. Sometimes we think we have too much acid in the stomach but this can be fermentation due to hydrochloric acid deficiency that we are noticing.

It may be necessary to spend a few months supplementing with the things the stomach should be making (hydrochloric acid and enzymes) until the stomach can do it for itself again.

The function of the small intestine may similarly be compromised and require supplementation.

Allergies to certain foods can cause inflammation in the gut and impair function so abstinence from the offending foods may be required for a time.

Colonic Cleansing by irrigation or herbs can be useful to clean out the lower bowel.